I first contacted Kevin when I was experiencing problems with anxiety, depression and addiction and in a very bad place.  First and foremost Kevin showed genuine compassion and empathy for my situation.  His calm, straightforward approach was a real comfort at a time when nothing seemed like it was going to be ok.  He allowed me to “pause the panic” and see the situation for what it was.

Kevin helped me to make the initial step in giving up alcohol and develop the necessary tools and thought processes to avoid relapsing.  The ongoing benefit has been in his support and help to understand and work through the underlying issues and root causes such as anxiety and low self-esteem.  I feel like not only has Kevin helped me to stop drinking but he has also helped me to become a stronger, happier person and much more in control of my life.

In the space of 12 months my life has changed immeasurably and Kevin has been a huge part of making that happen for which I am extremely grateful.

EG,Vale of Glamorgan 21/2/18

My good friend Kevin I’ve known for a good number of years. 

I contacted Kevin when I was in my darkest place a few years ago,

In dire need of help, I thought of my good friend Kevin.

He gives his time generously, listens, guides you, with a softness and calmness. As a client he’s very sympathetic and empathetic to your issues, together with his vast experience and knowledge in NLP, he provides workable solutions, developing an action plan explaining each step of the way how best to deal with the issues you have...he’s also helping members of my family with their issues. In my opinion without doubt, Kevin is highly recommended whatever your requirements are. His advice is priceless.

Jkir, North London  December 6, 2017

Kevin can't solve your problems for you but his listening skills, empathic and logical approach and thorough knowledge of NLP and other counselling techniques will help you overcome them. He's helped me deal with public speaking fears, low mood and self-esteem and given me real 
hope for the future.

Paul K, Cardiff 29/09/2015


I was is a dark place, at the beginning of this year, things were looking extremely bad, I was in what’s called “meltdown”, following a major family issue - then Kevin came along…with momentum !!

He is truly an amazing person !!, from deep in despair, I am now in a positive place, all thanks to Kevin’s direction, guidance, patience and those Kevin hand gestures, and techniques, like the anchor method, relaxation and focus techniques, which leaves me totally “zoned” out after each session -  total calm.

I can honestly say I've benefited from each session with Kevin.

With Kevin’s wit and relaxed persona, he immediately enhances your attention, especially when he says, Ronnie O’Sullivan missed a shot !! but that’s not the end of the world. !!

NLP has shown to be very beneficial in many cases, I thoroughly recommend Kevin’s momentum coaching, as a great example of NLP practice, he is a friend for life. !!

Thanks again Kevin…!! 

Dr L London

10th July, 2014 


Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI

Director of Training at Driver Training Education

Being a business owner who needed some personal coaching, Kevin was recommended to me. 
Kevin got the results I was looking for and we used Skype as a medium. Using Skype was so beneficial as I was able to schedule my meetings around my business commitments. 
Kevin was straightforward and enabled me to see clearly the paths I should be taking, paths that were and are still not easy but the correct paths none the less. We used a variety of tecniques each appropriate to the situation. Kevin is still in contact showing the care and interest long after the sessions and continued support. 
I wholly recommend Kevin

March 27, 2014, Dave was Kevin's client

NLP & Coaching

Kevin is and excellent NLP practitioner. He is very precise and pays great attention to detail as any good NLP practitioner would. I saw Kevin several times and he helped me to get through some barriers which were holding me back, painstakingly and patiently guiding me through to breakthroughs. He pulls out every trick and technique in the book until he gets the desired results. I'd recommend Kevin of Momentum Coaching to anyone looking for results and breaking negative thoughts patterns and habits. May 30, 2013

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Vicky Payton, Vale of Glamorgan   

Vicky hired Kevin in 2013, and hired him more than once.

For over 10 years, I've had a fear of flying, being driven by other people and being in crowds. This was as a result of a flight to Portugal when I was 13 years old. The plane was very crowded and there had been lots of turbulence, which had triggered panic attacks.

I spent the whole of that holiday worrying about the return flight; and had avoided further foreign holidays as a result.

My girlfriend wanted us to on holiday to Sharm el Sheikh, and I really wanted to go but was very anxious about the flight.

I heard about Kevin and NLP through someone else he'd helped, and decided that I had nothing to lose by giving NLP a try.

The session took around an hour and I was very deeply relaxed. Kevin taught me an anchor (tapping my hand) to practise should I feel panicky.

I practised the deep relaxation in the days before the trip, and there was some turbulence on the flight so I used the tapping, which really helped.

I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday and the return flight was great!

In fact, flying feels so fine now I'm planning trips to Goa, The Gambia and Cancun. Thanks Kevin, you really helped me.

OH, 24, West Oxfordshire

I undertook my initial session with Kevin to tackle a personal relationship problem that had been troubling me for some time. I was unfamiliar with NLP so went along with no expectations at all, but I'm delighted to say that Kevin was able to give me a new perspective on my problem and the tools I needed to deal with it immediately, after just one session!  Because of the positive benefits I experienced I decided to undertake a few extra sessions with Kevin to deal with some related side issues, which were clarified in the same professional relaxed and easy manner. Reassuringly at no time did I feel the need to disclose any personal information that I wasn't totally comfortable with. Both face to face and Skype sessions with Kevin were equally successful, so NLP worked and is still working for me and I can't recommend NLP and Kevin highly enough.

D.A. Cardiff.

I would recommend Kevin to anyone who is seeking to make lasting changes in their life. His unique blend of knowledge and wisdom will help you to gather the inner momentum required, whatever your personal goal may be.
Kevin will not do it for you but will be with you, all the way. 
Ruth x


Back in March 2011, I was assaulted though not seriously and was left emotionally shaken by the whole event. As I gave my statement and was photographed by the police, I went into shock.

The court hearing was set for October 2012 and I was taken and supported by some very dear and close friends. Although I am very good at being relaxed, good at remaining calm in stressful situations, I was in quite a state that morning. 

The thought of seeing the assailant again left me physically shaking and just to add insult to injury, the hearing was adjourned until February due to previous case over running.

I was left feeling very angry and upset – I felt as though I had been put through the incident all over again – for nothing. 

I was very shaky and exhausted for the rest of the day, and the next totally wiped out. In all honesty, it took me several days to recover from the incident.

As The February court date approached, my anxiety levels started to rise and my fear that it would all be adjourned again or ‘she’ would not be found guilty loomed large in my mind. 

I came across Kevin Arnold and we had a discussion about the effects of the adjourned hearing and how I needed to be able to calm, focussed and clear on the day. The very thought of facing ‘her’ again left me shaking every time I thought about it. 

Kevin agreed to work with me on this issue and put together a bespoke NLP session for me; he’d listened carefully to everything I had told me, asked some pertinent questions and uncovered what would really work for me. 

The session was great – I relaxed very deeply, felt totally safe and clear as to what I needed to do that morning. When the session was over, I knew that court would be a different experience. I felt very supported – in a constructive and solid way, not just emotionally. He gave me an ‘anchor’ and in my case, it was a small crystal angel that I own.

The morning of the hearing arrived and I followed Kevin’s instructions to the letter. My friends, Witness Support people and the prosecuting lawyer were all amazed at my remarkably calm manner. I felt so focussed – I followed what Kevin had said about not reading my statement too many times, but trusting that all the details I needed to recall would be available to me. 

So, I read my police statement only three times then put it away. 

I was called into court on time, my friends followed me in and sat at the back, and they were far more nervous than I was! I went into the Witness box, holding the small crystal angel the whole time in my right hand. I knew in my heart and soul that this experience was going to be very different. 

The prosecutor questioned me carefully, leading me through the statement, finally drawing out that as a Stress Consultant and Meditation Teacher, I am a very calm and measure person.

The Defence Lawyer was a different kettle of fish; he tried hard to make me out to be a very aggressive person that acted in an aggressive manner which was why the assault had occurred. I remained so calm and focussed it was untrue! I just kept repeating that I had been assertive not aggressive. In the end I explained to the Magistrates the difference between aggression and assertion. Little did they know that I used to teach assertiveness techniques! 

In the end, the defence lawyer failed to get me to react in anything other than a calm and measured way and gave up. 

To cut a very long story short, the defendant changed her plea to guilty and it was all over. 

The rest of the day I was fine – no exhaustion and the following day I drove 120 miles for a weekend away. I was completely fine, it had been such a different experience, and I know that the NLP made all the difference. 

I would definitely recommend Kevin Arnold and the way that he works with NLP; it worked beautifully for me and the whole thing is firmly behind me; I have let go and moved on. 

Thank you Kevin!!

GW, West Oxfordshire


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