Use Momentum to Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker who was unsuccessful with the Government run STOPTOBER campaign then read on. Firstly don't be dismayed because although that method didn't work for you there are alternatives that can work. At Momentum Coaching I use NLP techniques to help people quit smoking. It’s powerful because it doesn't depend on willpower. 

What are your unwanted habits costing you?  At a time of wage freezes yet constantly rising prices it makes sense to economise wisely. Take Smoking – Say you smoke 20/day at £6.50/pack. By quitting, each week you could save enough for 1 pair designer jeans or dress. Each month, a family trip to a theme park. Each year: 39 Premier League football tickets or a two week Caribbean cruise for two.

I can help you quit but you need to be ready to change and play your part in that change”

STOP SMOKING Special offer: Quote "Stoptober" to get 3 STOP SMOKING sessions for the price of 2.

If you would like to train to become an NLP Practitioner then I highly recommend Matt Caulfield. For a list of his courses check out his website :-

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